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Gold Necklace For Women

A gold necklace is a must-have for every woman. Whether you wear it daily or only on special occasions, it brings out your best features. Simple gold necklaces are considered an investment as they can be paired with any outfit, and are a jewellery box staple! Necklaces made from 18KT gold look great with pendants or lockets, but they are equally beautiful when simply worn. You can find many types of gold necklace designs on our website.


Lightweight Gold Necklaces

At STAC you’ll find an endless array of the latest necklace designs. In addition to simple gold necklaces, we have pearl gold necklaces, diamond gold necklaces, and gold pendant necklaces, as well as short and long necklaces.


We also have designs like simple pendant necklaces, statement necklaces with gemstones like rubies and emeralds, and even name necklaces. These necklaces are lightweight but still make a statement, easy to wear and take off, and are great for layering, they can be worn every day, in the office, and at parties.

Buy Gold Necklaces Online

Shop from the comfort of your home and browse through our extensive collection of gold chain designs for ladies. All our gold jewellery is BIS Hallmarked and comes with an authenticity card. Each transaction is secured for our customers to ensure their security and we also offer cash on delivery (COD), lifelong buyback, 7-day no questions asked returns, and 15-day exchange policies.



1. How to choose a gold necklace for women?

First, think about who you’re buying for and if they’re wearing it to a certain occasion. Your friend, fiance, or yourself? Accordingly, you can choose between simple and classic necklaces, bold statement necklaces, or trendy and stylish necklaces. Next, choose the chain length and what gold colour you’d like- yellow, white or rose. And finally, choose whether you’d like to personalise the necklace with custom engraving or a meaningful charm pendant!


2. What type of gold chain is best?

All our gold chains are made of 18KT solid gold. A combination of purity, value, and beauty makes 18-karat gold jewellery a great choice. Gold is made stronger by adding alloyed metals like silver and nickel. It is strong enough to wear daily, long-lasting, and never tarnish!  


3. What necklaces are in right now?

We’re always working hard to bring you the latest necklace designs. Gold necklace trends for 2023 include the paperclip and InterLinked designs, birthstones, and minimal mangalsutras! The focus will be on everyday minimal jewellery that can be jazzed up by layering other necklaces or by adding statement pendants and charms.  


4. What type of casual wear necklaces is best for regular use?

While shopping for a minimal gold necklace online, you'll want to think of your daily activities. Remember to choose a gold necklace design that suits your personality, is lightweight, easy to layer with other statement pieces, and made with solid 18KT gold.




1. Charm Simple Chain

2. Scattered Pearl Necklace

3. DOTM Short Diamond Necklace

4. Emerald Lariat Necklace

5. Clover Evil Eye Necklace

6. InterLinked Necklace

7. Dangling Diamond Mangalsutra Necklace

8. Dangling Diamond Necklace

9. Name Necklace



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