Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace

Name Necklace

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Yellow Gold #MWS Options 131176430
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 77699052
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 131438574
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 278370293
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 332109815
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 77436908
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 77764588
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 131504110
Rose Gold #MWS Options 2327222027
Yellow Gold #MWS Options 77567980
Rose Gold #MWS Options 2274072329

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Now personalize your necklace with a name or word that means something special to you! Set in 18 kt gold and using cutting-edge 3D technology, this piece is here to make you feel empowered and OWN your look!



  • Made in 18 kt solid gold
  • Can be personalized with a word of your choice
  • Adjustable Clasp with 5 extra links
  • Approx. gold weight starting at 2.6 gms
  • Word height: 1cm

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Please Note: All our NAAM collection pieces are unique to you and customized specifically as per your requirements.
Keeping that in mind, they are non-returnable and not eligible for Cash On Delivery. In case of any clarifications, please reach out to us on info@stacfinejewellery.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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