Evil Eye Charms

Evil Eye Charms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the evil eye mean?

Throughout history, there have been beliefs that a person can send negative energy also known as the evil eye, to an unsuspecting individual by staring or looking at them with bad intentions.

2. What does evil eye jewellery symbolize?

The evil eye symbol emerged in Turkey and the Middle East as talismans to repel evil forces. These talismans can be seen in houses and cars, worn as jewellery and kept in places of business, which is why evil eye gold jewellery is all the rage!

3. Does evil eye jewellery work?

Evil eye jewellery works as a talisman that attracts good energy while keeping bad vibes far away! Consider your evil eye necklace as a protective shield against negativity.

4. Can I buy evil eye jewellery for myself?

Of course, you can! Evil eye jewellery is just as effective when bought for yourself- it symbolises strength and independence to protect yourself against bad luck. Check out our evil eye collection for pieces you’ll love!

5. Can I gift evil eye jewellery to others?

Yes! Evil eye jewellery is very effective when given to others as a token of protection and good luck. Our 18KT gold evil eye pendants make the perfect gifts!

6. Who can wear evil eye jewellery?

Anyone and everyone! Evil eye jewellery has been documented in several cultures and religions around the world, but you do not have to be religious to wear one! So put on your evil eye bracelet and let the good vibes come to you.



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