General guidelines

For best results, measure in the evening.

Do not measure when you are cold.

Pro Tip: For all those who always have their charger on hand, you can also use your charging wire instead of a thread to measure

  • Do your necklaces come in different lengths?
  • Yes! STAC necklaces have been designed so they can be worn short, closer to the your collar bone (13.5 inches + 5 additional links) or longer (15.5 inches + 5 additional links).

  • What is my bracelet size?
  • STAC bracelets are available starting from 5 inches to 8 inches and come in half sizes as well, for e.g. 5.5 inches. Each bracelet comes with an additional 3 links to give you the option to wear it tighter or looser!

    To know your size, follow the steps below:

    Using a string/thread, measure your wrist where you would normally wear a bracelet (please keep in mind how loosely you would generally wear your bracelet. Please note for the One Liner bracelet, Dancing Diamond bracelet, Dancing Emerald bracelet and Charm C Bangle we generally recommend a slightly snug fit. 

    → Mark the meeting point where it overlaps to form a full circle

    → Place the string on a ruler or measuring tape and measure the exact length in inches

    → If you fall in between sizes for e.g. between 5 and 5.5, we recommend to go a half size down as you will get 3 additional clasps to wear it looser.

  • What is my ring size?
  • To know your ring size, follow the steps below

    ● You will need a ruler and an existing ring that fits you

    ● Use the ruler to measure the inner diameter of the ring as shown in the image below. You may measure in mm or cm.

    ● You now have the inner diameter of your ring, use the following chart to determine your ring size.

    In case you are interested in a ring size and don't know your size then please place an order and get in touch with us on info@stacfinejewellery.com with your order number and we will ship a complimentary ring sizer to you to help determine your accurate ring size.

  • How do I choose my watch charm chain length
  • Watch strap width

    Chain length

    Under 2 cm

    4 cm

    2 – 2.4 cm

    5 cm

    2.4 – 3 cm

    6 cm


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