WFH Jewellery Styling Guide

Have you reached a point where you’ve tried all the online classes, all the YouTube recipes, and all the tricks to run away from an office video call? Has not being able to go out made you feel dull? It may feel silly, but wearing a cute bracelet and a nice outfit might just help! 

As much as we have tried to avoid the unavoidable zoom calls in 2020, we have all felt this pressure to look put together while 20 other people look at us through a 200 x 200 px window on our screen! To some of us, life one year ago was how our outfits would introduce us to people before we did! And now it's the “Hello, can you see me?” through the glitches of our poor Wi-Fi connection! However, we feel waking up in the morning and going through our routine, dressing up for the day makes life feel structured and a little more constant in these changing times! Even if it's that one pair of earrings that you wear while lounging, eating and updating your excel sheet, wear it for yourself!

Jewellery for work from home

To get ourselves through all of this, we’ve lined up some feel-good baubles that also magically double up as the perfect WFH wear!

Below, we have unearthed some work from home wardrobe essentials for you that are sure to increase those dopamine levels! Highly recommended dosage of some 18kt gold and diamonds every morning will not only get you out of your slump but also make you feel top-notch!

We bring you jewellery for your next video call, next errand, next moment of guilty snacking and something to go with your sheet mask! 

Work From Home Jewellery Style Guide

Necklaces for video call

Necklaces for your next WFH video call

Virtual or a conference call, our Bar Diamond necklace will make sure everyone takes notice when you join the next one! With a subtle twinkle, it is the ultimate necklace that goes from desk to dinner! 

Pro Tip: Layer your necklaces to make your look feel more luxe. You can pair the Scattered Diamond Necklace with the Link up Necklace for days when you are in the mood for something fancy. 

Bracelets for your new office wear look

Bracelets for your new office wear look

If you are an accessories girl through and through, get creative with styling your favourite bracelets by stacking them! Wear a dainty piece like a Link Up bracelet for your everyday look. Add a playful one like our Emerald Oval and Round bracelet for that much-required burst of energy for ‘those’ calls! 

Pro Tip: Stacked bracelets are perfect for presenting over video calls!

We recommend the Classic Flat Bangle in 18kt solid gold as a constant companion for office wear or lounge wear! Minimalist yet essential, you can wear it on its own or STAC it with another bracelet. Perfect for a hassle-free signature look!

Pendants to wear all day long

Pendants to wear all day long

Another great way to amp up your WFH look is to wear a pendant! Pair them with a simple chain and elevate even the simplest of outfits. Ideal for a V shape neckline or to pass your loungewear for a virtual meeting, pendants will do the trick! 

Haven’t found the right one yet? Check out minimal pendants at STAC Fine Jewellery that can also be the perfect sidekick with other pieces. Our top picks for WFH essentials would be Clover Evil Eye pendant or a personalised Mini Akshar pendant.

Pro Tip: Most of our versatile pendants also double up as cute charms for your watches and bracelets. 

Zoom-worthy earrings

Zoom-worthy Earrings

Whether you opt for our Classic Mini Hoops or Evergreen Tube Hoops, they will make your entire outfit look lively while they move with you over your video calls. Subtle yet absolutely chic, hoops are essential to make your WHF outfit seem more thought out. 

We’d also like you to meet our Cirque Hoops! Simple yet gorgeous, the dangling beaten textured discs will catch the light and brighten up your day! You can also try stud earrings like the ThreeSixty One Jacket Earrings to add that little sparkle to your look while still keeping it formal.

Everyday Wear Rings

Everyday Wear Rings

DOTM Twisty Ring or the Classic Star Ring are the essential everyday rings that don’t need to be switched up for your workwear look. You can simply live in them! 

To make a statement over virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues, you can flaunt our Suspended Pearl Ring - bold, classic and the perfect show-stopper for those “I have nothing to wear days!”  

Staying at home all day, all year, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you wear! Fake it till you make it? We’d say ‘Dress up’ till you make it through the quarantine! 

Until then, wake up and STAC up!


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