The Wedding Jewellery Gifting and Styling Guide!

Wedding bells are ringing and the presents need buying! We’ve put together wedding jewellery gifts for everyone in the bridal party, plus styled our pieces for every function so that your wedding season is fun and stress-free.

So whether you’re a thoughtful guest, busy bride, or just gathering inspiration, read on for the latest gold jewellery designs that can be worn every day after the big day!



Featuring:  The InterLinked Necklace, Infinity Bracelet, and Dangling Diamond Mangalsutra Necklace

1. Gifts For Bride On The Wedding Day

She’s the star of the show. At STAC, we have everyday fine jewellery that won’t sit in the locker after the wedding. Our versatile pieces make the best wedding jewellery gifts that the glowing bride will rock at her bachelorette, honeymoon, and every day after that!


The gold Infinity Bracelet and Interlinked Necklace are two stunning designs that celebrate a golden connection and make great bridal gifts!


The Modern Mangalsutra Collection


Our new launch of 18kt gold Mangalsutras celebrate wedded bliss daily and are available in several minimal designs that go with every outfit! These everyday necklaces will go with every outfit, and never needs to come off.


Featuring: Slim Gold Band, Linear Diamond Band, Two Toned Ring

2. Wedding Bands For The Groom

If you’re the bride and looking for the perfect gold wedding band for your man, we’ve got you covered. 

Our men’s wedding rings are handcrafted in solid 18KT gold and carefully designed to blend into his everyday life while still flaunting their love for you.


Featuring: Cirque Huggies, Wanderlust Charm Pendant, Paw Charm Pendant

3. Si-blings!

While being nice to your siblings is a rarity in itself, just imagine how shocked they’d be to find that they’re being gifted solid gold jewellery.


Choose a gold charm that they’d love from our extensive collection! Our faves are the Wanderlust Charm for travel enthusiasts, The Paw Charm for the animal lover, and a hoop earring with a twist- the Cirque Huggies!


Our minimal gold rings like the ThreeSixty One Chain Ring, Bar Diamond Ring, and Twin Stars Gap Ring make great Kalichdi gifts. If you weren’t aware of what Kalichdi is, it’s the ring that is given to the sister of the bride at the time of the wedding.



Featuring: Evil Eye Round with Diamonds Watch Charm Set, Solo Rectangle Ruby Ring, Scattered Name Bracelet


4. Gifts For The Mother-in-law

Okay, we know Mothers-in-law can be hard to gift for. What can you possibly give to someone who claims they “don’t want anything”? 


Luckily some of our jewellery picks are crowd-pleasers and will always find first place in a jewellery box. Get a super personalised Scattered




Featuring:  Pearl Chain Ring, Mini Letter Charm Pendant, Tanzanite Birthstone Pendant Charm

5. Bridesmaids Jewellery

Bridesmaids, besties, emotional support, wedding emergency helpers. Whatever you’d like to call them, we can all agree that we can’t live without them! Gift your bride squad an extra special token of appreciation with gold jewellery.





Thinking of what jewellery to pair with your wedding outfits? We’ve curated our best wedding guest jewellery looks for every function you can attend- so let’s get to it!



The Bachelorette party is always a fun time filled with drinks, dancing, and all the colourful jewellery!


This is the time to pull out all your gemstone jewellery that’ll make a statement. We’re also creating a beautiful earring STAC with hoop earrings with a dash of diamonds to amp up your bachelorette outfits.



Got your dancing shoes on? All that’s left are the jewels that’ll shine with you. 


We’ve gone with romantic rubies for the occasion, paired with our dangly dancing bracelets and topped off with staple stackers like the Classic Flat Ring.





We styled all our brightest gold pieces for this look to go with the cheerful hues of turmeric. 

A shining stack of our favourite gold bracelets accented with pops of pearl embodies the joyful spirit of the Haldi function.





All of a sudden it's nighttime and everyone’s dressed to the nines! This is the time to pull out all the sparkliest diamond jewellery in your arsenal to go with your gorgeous gown or lehenga.


For us, the Sol Pendant layered paired with the Twin Stars Gap Ring makes a stylish statement on the dancefloor.




1. Is jewellery a good wedding gift?


In addition to being an integral part of the bridal trousseau, 18kt gold jewellery also makes great gifts for the bride and the groom. Gold is a perfect gift for the newlyweds, no matter who you are: the bride's mother or the groom's uncle


2. What do I buy my wife on our wedding day?


Weddings have become a tradition in which brides and grooms exchange gifts, vows, and rings. Even though it is optional, couples are increasingly exchanging sentimental gifts on their wedding day. And nothing says love like some beautiful jewellery that your wife can wear every day! Check out some beautiful designs here that your wife will love and cherish forever.


3. What is an appropriate wedding gift for an Indian couple?


The best gift for an Indian wedding is jewellery. To wish the bride and groom good luck in their new lives, gold jewellery like a chain, earrings, bangles, etc. is considered auspicious.


4. Does the man pick out his own wedding band?


The bride typically shops and purchases men's wedding bands and vice versa. While wedding bands for men have traditionally not been as popular in India, modern couples are now adopting this ritual. An increasing number of young, married men are choosing to wear their wedding bands regularly and keeping that in mind, women are now opting to get simpler gold bands for their to-be husbands.

So with this list in hand, you can begin your online jewellery shopping spree and make every single wedding you attend the best one ever! For more wedding jewellery for the bride check out our curated Wedding Edit.


Until next time,


Keep STACing!


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