Styling guide : 7 golden looks for your next coffee date ☕

Through the long days and 3194 video calls that have happened in the last year and a half, if there’s something we have been looking forward to is waking up to a hot cup of coffee and wearing our favourite jewellery.

And now that we can meet our friends and go on impromptu coffee dates(with all precautions), we are re-learning how to get dressed again and what better to start with than jewellery!

Read on for a masterclass on jewellery styling for your next coffee date!



1. The never-out-of-style simple jewellery stacks

All you need is coffee, sunscreen and some 18kt gold!
Whether it’s a coffee date with your girls or with a special someone, you cannot go wrong with a laid back style and chic jewellery stacks. A casual look, with layered rings or necklaces, makes sure your date knows you’ve put in some effort but are definitely not trying too hard to please!


2. A golden-touch to your basics

Your basic white tee and your most comfy trousers will do. Pair these with some minimal staples like our Classic Flat Ring and Bar Diamond Rings for maximum shine and styling impact.


3. Go Gold Or Go Home

Charm your date with our Cirque hoops. The way these unique discs will catch the light from every direction, they will do all the work for you! All you have to do is be yourself. Cue *plays John Legend* as a catalyst.
And finally don’t forget to carry your personal source of sunshine (Strength charm) and sign it all off with your initials.



4. The Boss-Woman

Discussing your next big move or pitching your latest idea over coffee?

Make an impression with your finest outfits and some glamorous golden baubles. 
We call it the “I am the protagonist building her business in New York” look. 


Featured here: (L) Classic Flat Bangle, Charm ‘C’ Bangle and Evil Eye Marquise Charm (R) Rose Cut Necklace and Bar Diamond Necklace and ThreeSixty One Chunky Ring

5. The wrist-stack that can never go wrong

We recommend focusing all the attention on your hands for this look! Allow us to help you ace your bold stack: Add our ThreeSixty One Chunky Ring for an ultimate power look.
Let your watch be the focal point and craft the rest of your look around it. Our Classic Flat Bangle and Charm ‘C’ Bangle make a great team! Add your favourite charm and it will do all the heavy lifting. 


Featured here: (L) ThreeSixty One Chunky Ring, Classic Flat Bangle, Charm ‘C’ Bangle and Evil Eye Marquise Charm (R) Rose Cut Necklace and Bar Diamond Necklace

6. Say it with diamonds

Nothing says effortless glamour like diamonds. Stack our Rose Cut Necklace and our Bar Diamond Necklace - each making an impact on its own and together. The best part? These sparkling beauties are subtle enough and make for great never-take-it-off jewellery.


7. Huggy earrings for the 'Girl-Next Door' look

Work, play or lounge. Huggies for your ears are just like a “hug in a mug” coffee. They feel comfortable and still add something special to your day.


What are you waiting for?
Grab a cup of coffee. We have some styling to do!
Instead of going for your usual, mix and match to play with volume and texture. Going all out and stacking your dainty pieces instantly upgrades your look without being over the top! 

Pro tip: Experimenting indoors as a trial run for your going out look is a great way to practice the art of stacking!

Your masterclass session ends here. We hope your chemistry with your partner is just like coffee and gold!

We’ll see you next time.
Until then, keep STAC-ing!


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