Introducing Our New Look #TheSTACRefresh


NEW YEAR, NEW US? Welcome to #TheSTACRefresh

The new year symbolises new beginnings, evolution, and betterment. So we changed up our entire look and feel to start 2023 off on a golden note!


It’s not really a change. It’s an evolution. And here’s why we’re doing it!

At STAC, we've been crafting gold jewellery pieces since 2018. We are in our fourth year and as our business has grown and evolved, so have we personally. As with any evolution, while there are subtle and not so subtle changes in our day to day activities, attitudes and maybe even our look, the core remains unshaken. And the same holds true for STAC.

We continue to remain as dedicated as ever before to creating timeless, contemporary pieces that capture the true spirit of the modern woman. And as a brand, we are only doubling down on valuing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

So whats the change? 

Personality! While at our core everything about STAC has always been more than personal to us, we realized that we haven’t really communicated in that manner with you. With this new look and feel, we want to connect with you at a deeper level and make things personal!. With #TheSTACRrefresh, we will be showing you more of who we are, and connect with you on a level beyond jewellery. 

As with any other woman, a new attitude calls for a new look! Some of us get new hair-dos, at STAC we changed our colours! 

As part of our love for staying at the forefront of jewellery design, we decided to refresh our look and give our brand a clean and zen boost. With our new aesthetic, we wanted to celebrate  our company's values and philosophy - to create fine jewellery that celebrates the modern woman



The new look is inspired by the woman of today and it couldn’t be more ‘us’. 

We're not just a jewellery store, we're also two women who want to spread the joy of jewellery, and who are passionate about connecting with a community of like-minded strong women.

And we sure have been busy behind the scenes! After months of surveying our community, talking to our most loyal and not so loyal customers and learning about what makes you feel good, we crafted a new brand identity with vibrant colours, sleek packaging, and an inspiring website. 



We’ve updated our brand colours, website, packaging, and social media

Our goal with this rebrand was to stay true to our roots as a company while introducing an updated look that feels modern and fresh. Through this new look, we hope to provide our customers with a shopping experience that feels luxurious, but without breaking the bank.

Our new colours – terracotta, beige, black and white – are chosen to help celebrate you and all of your greatness. Each colour has its unique meaning and feel, so let’s explore them more. 

Terracotta is the perfect hue to express the confidence and strength of a woman. It conveys a sense of warmth and boldness. It conveys the strong sense of self that every woman possesses and radiates with a sense of comfort and belonging. 

Beige is a timeless colour that reflects STAC’s ability to remain classic, yet still modern and in touch with the times. 

Black is strong, bold, and versatile. From the office to the club, black is a colour that makes a subtle statement, and its sophistication complements our pieces perfectly.

White is a classic colour that radiates timelessness and versatility. It conveys a sense of femininity and grace, a reminder of the independent woman’s ability to remain graceful in any situation.

Pratiti’s Tip: “Make sure you choose colours as per your brand’s personality and positioning. Here’s a free guide to help you get started on that journey.




We have also made great improvements to our website to make your shopping experience even smoother. Our website has been redesigned with a minimal, sleek look to make it easier to navigate. It also offers a more convenient browsing experience, so you can find the right gold jewellery with ease.

Investing in yourself is a beautiful thing, and with our new look and website, you can do it in style.

Rashi’s Tip: “Just optimize for Mobile! While most websites look great on desktop because of the space available, it is mobile browsing that will bring you your customers. And that constrained space makes you take some hard decisions. Make sure you look at your website from a customers perspective and only make space for things that they will care the most about because clutter is your greatest enemy”



Our new look comes complete with new packaging that is both beautiful and practical. The sleek lines and minimal colours are perfect for keeping your jewellery pieces safe and sound, or for gifting them to special people in your life.

Aakriti’s Tip: “While various beautiful things may appeal to you in this process make sure you’ve outlined what matters the most early on. As an e-commerce brand, practicality and security are the most important factors for us. Our packaging has to withstand the rough handedness of courier partners and still communicate luxury when our customers receive it yet not be too bulky because jewellery shipping is expensive!!”



We are thrilled to unveil our new look and bring you along on the journey to bring luxury to every day. Welcome to the new era of STAC - join us on our new golden adventure!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new look! Please let us know by dropping us an email on rashi@stacfinejewellery.com or aakriti@stacfinejewellery.com


Until next time,
Keep STACing!


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