Rakhi Gift Ideas 2022: Jewellery For Every Kind Of Sister!

We can all (begrudgingly) agree that our sisters deserve celebration every day. So how does one sum up all the love and appreciation for our built-in-best friend and manage to find them a gift they’ll love? Enter the Rakhi Gifts Edit— with golden gift ideas for every kind of sister.

1. Just the classics, please!


She likes to keep it simple and always gives the best logical advice. Not one to fuss over choices, she sticks to her tried and true jewellery arsenal. Our everyday essentials like the Charm C Bangle, Mini Hoops, and Letter bracelet make the perfect Rakhi gift that she will add to her daily rotation.

2. A little (or a lot) of sparkle never hurt

Growing up, she was always the sibling who’d love performing in front of her relatives. Now she’s the it-girl who can’t help falling for everything shiny. Make her rakhi gift dreams come true with a gorgeous Emerald necklace, or go for diamonds with our Evil eye diamond bracelet and Sun-shaped pendant.

3. Ms Keeping up with the trends

She knows what’s hot and what’s not. You could always find her glued to the latest magazine or in her room dressing up with absolutely nowhere to go! Pleasantly surprise her with these on-trend jewellery picks like 18KT gold hoops, smartwatch bands, and a personalised name necklace.

4. Easy breezy boho chic

The independent, free-spirited rebel who broke the rules so you didn’t have to. Repay her for all the times she stuck up for you in front of the parents with jewellery she’ll treasure forever! Our latest Cirque pieces capture her fun-loving vibe, while our Moon and star pendant call out to her creative and intuitive side.


You’re now all set with the best Rakshabandhan gift ideas for your sister. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone who’s always had your back, but our Rakhi Gifting Edit makes a golden start!


Until next time,

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