Jewellery for you based on your Zodiac

Guilty of going through numerous blogs secretly to understand how the stars align for you this year? What could be more exciting than decoding the type of  18kt gold jewellery you should wear based on your zodiac sign! We definitely added a few things to cart while putting this together!

Use this as a gift guide or for yourself, let the stars decide what jewellery you must wear:

18kt gold jewellery

Vibrant Jewellery, for The Ambitious Aries 
The Aries woman loves to make an impact on what she is set to do. Her style is bold and loud, both in personality and dress sense. Her high energy and enthusiasm can be expressed through the Cirque Necklace that will literally shine with her or the Emerald Shape Bracelet that will move with her, bringing out her energy with that pop of colour! Mixing metals like a set of layered necklaces in white gold and yellow gold will truly appeal to the maximalist in her!

Gemstone jewellery set in 18kt gold

Timeless Jewellery, for The Persistent Taurus 
Simple dressers and minimalists, Taurus women love timeless pieces. You will find practical and curated jewels in their wardrobe. A simple bracelet such as the Bar Diamond Bracelet that they can pair up with trendy pieces like the Evil Eye Marquise Bracelet would be perfect for them! Deep forest greens without extra embellishments would match their calm and reliable personalities, like the Emerald Gap ring.

Evil Eye Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Celestial Sparkly Jewellery, for The Dynamic Gemini
A Gemini woman is known to be communicative and for her vibrant personality! Sparkly jewels studded with diamonds and delicate designs like the Dancing Diamond Bracelet would definitely charm her. She would also really admire a Dreamcatcher charm to symbolise the dreamer in her! Rings like the Evil Eye Ring will be perfect to adorn her fingers as she enjoys engaging in expressive conversations with people!

Personalised 18kt gold jewellery

Vintage Love, for The Creative Cancer
A Cancer woman has an affinity for shades of white and silver. A scattered Pearl Necklace or Intertwined Pearl Earrings would be perfect for her, as her style is flowy and complicated like her. Anything in white gold would also compliment their style!
Looking to gift a Cancerian? She loves a solid, timeless piece and she will always treasure a piece of jewellery that has any sentimental value attached to it. A personalised Name Bracelet or an engraved Disc Charm, would be ideal as a gift for a Cancerian!

Diamond Jewellery Online

Stacked Pieces, for The Fearless Leo
Anything that is gold is for the royal Leo woman! She loves to leave a positive lasting impact on everyone she meets and therefore prefers a bold impactful choice with her wardrobe too! Bold statement pieces like the ThreeSixty One Ring or the Classic Star bangle will make her feel like a queen! She is a serial stacker and a layering lover for sure! Don’t be surprised if you meet a Leo woman clad in three or four layered necklaces! Make it easier for them with pieces like the Double Bar Necklace!

Minimal Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Sparkly Jewels, for The Kind Virgo
Simple, minimalistic is a Virgo woman style. She loves a good basic piece that is comfortable and suits her like a Rose Cut necklace. She never goes for overpowering jewellery but something with a subtle, dainty design like the Bar Diamond Ring. If you are a Virgo, you know that any jewellery without too much fuss like the good old Mini Classic Hoops to go with your subdued outfits will be much appreciated by you!

Versatile 18kt gold jewellery

Astro Gold Jewellery, for The Passionate Libra
A Libra woman is all about finding her balance and beauty in life! She will make time for dinner with friends during a day packed with work and we have exactly what she needs! Pieces that go from desk to dinner! Gift her a pair of Emerald Pearl Drop Earrings that will make her stand out instantly in her social circle! She can wear the emerald as a stud on its own or go for a bolder look and add the pearl drop chain for a party after work! A Charm ‘C’ Bangle on its own makes the perfect workwear jewellery and she can add a few charms to it to make it her BFF at brunch!

Pearls and Diamonds set in 18kt gold

Celestial Diamonds & Pearls, for The Mystical Scorpio
Known for being mysterious, a Scorpion woman has a magnetic charm that draws everyone towards her. It’s her aesthetic and her personality that when combined make an irresistible style statement. If you are a Scorpio looking for pieces to draw attention to yourself without going overboard, the asymmetrical Mismatched Pearl Earrings are perfect for you! We also think you would love the DOTM Short Diamond Necklace will catch the light in every direction that you move! Perfect to get that spotlight or catch their eyes with a dainty piece without being too obvious!

Evil Eye Jewellery

Evil Eye Jewellery, for The Zealous Sagittarius
Sagittarius women love to have fun with their sense of style! She always checks on the latest trends and reads every listicle on outfits for a brunch, workwear 101, etc. The perfect jewellery for her is anything Evil Eye, one of the most trending pieces right now! A Mini Evil Eye Marquise Necklace would be ideal for her everyday wear while it gives her all the positive vibes! Looking to gift a Sagittarius? Pick a Watch Chain to add to her fun personality along with an adorable Evil Eye Charm! We assure you, this cool new jewellery addition will make it to her list of favourites!

18kt Gold jewellery online

Astrological Bling, for The Dedicated Capricorn
Capricorns are tough and delicate at the same time. Just like your favourite STAC pieces made in 18kt solid gold! A straightforward Capricorn woman will absolutely love the Bar Necklace, ideal for those straightforward outfits; with its linear design and twinkling diamonds, it is the perfect amount of subtle! We also recommend our hassle-free, minimalist and essential Classic Tube Hoops for her practical nature! For the ambitious Capricorn woman, who fulfils her goals and embarks on new ones, the Half Way There Cirque Bracelet is a statement of her unique individuality AND a reminder to keep going!

18kt Gold Charms

Unique Gold Motifs, for The Free-Spirited Aquarius
The life of a party. Yes, that’s exactly what an Aquarius woman transforms into now and then after she is done being all mysterious. Eclectic and fun pieces are what women born under this sign would enjoy! These free-spirited beings would love an intricate Kaleidoscope Bracelet layered with an Emerald Bracelet that brings out their experimental style. Different charms paired together is definitely a go-to for an Aquarius!

Minimal classic timeless jewellery

Gold Art, for The Dreamy Pisces
A Pisces woman moves from one fashion trend to another, and her highly moody days make it difficult to predict what jewellery they will like. So we recommend gifting her timeless pieces like the Classic Flat Ring or a Simple chain that she can pair with whatever she feels like. If you know a Pisces woman, you know that she is born a dreamer! The Cirque bracelet would pair with her flowy nature that would look beautiful on her as she types, dances or suddenly decides to paint something! Timelessness is key!

Astrology inspired Zodiac jewellery

Personalised Zodiac Jewellery
And if you still can’t decide which one works best for you, we have Zodiac charms! Gift a personalised zodiac charm to them or get one for yourself! The simple Constellation charms are unique and studded with diamonds to mark the stars aligned to create your constellation in the sky! Their subtle sparkle makes it the perfect pendant/charm and an even better gift! You can also engrave your zodiac on 18kt gold Disc Charm! Club it with a Charm Your Way chain, bangle or watch chain and enjoy its simplicity as is.

The style of jewellery that each person prefers is based on their personality and what they look for in the jewellery to go with their lifestyle.  Give these pieces a chance and you will know if your zodiac sign truly defines you!

Until then, keep STAC-ing!


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