Rainy Day Jewellery Inspiration - Welcome The Season In Style!

Cloudy mornings, breezy days and a choice to stay home with unkempt hair, if we were a season - we would be the monsoons.

And this rainy season, we’re staying in with style! Grab your favourite jewels and get ready to welcome Mr. Rain with a golden surprise.

A rainy day is a mood, a feeling. It's a distinct smell and sound, short days and long nights that you hope will never end!

The season for effortless looks is here! For the days the rain gods decide to bless you but only for a second, greet them with a look that you can effortlessly step out with.

If rains don't call for chai, what does? It’s 4.30 PM. The skies are drizzling, a rainbow in the making. A crack of sunlight hits your golden rings, emitting just the feeling of warmth you need. You pick up your hot cup of tea, mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds you.

We rest our case.

Bringing back our childhood with a touch of gold and old-school activities! We’re spending rainy afternoons making paper boats. Folding is extra fun when paired with a golden partner! Don’t just take our word for it :)


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