The Art of Stacking Bracelets

Layering your jewellery

If you feel that wearing a single piece of jewellery makes you feel bare, the constant chiming of multiple bracelets on your wrists is music to your ears or you’ve worn three necklaces at the same time and stacked your fingers with rings till you could really feel the added weight, then you’ve definitely been a part of this trend.

The charm of stacking is that the look you create each time will be uniquely yours! It lets you express your style and adjust your pieces to suit different occasions. Whether you are stacking necklaces, rings or bracelets, switching them up and reshuffling them will give you a whole new look! Stacking is all about having some fun!!


So there’s no doubt that the layered look is in! Layering bracelets you might ask - TOTALLY IN! 

But choosing the right pieces can be a daunting task. Knowing which pieces to put together, pairing them up with your favourite watch, how to personalize your stack, or figuring out the size and fit of bracelets to suit your hand, we debunk it all right here!
Now, let’s take you through tips to perfect that arm candy! 

Five tips to ace your bracelet stacking game 



Start with a focal point- Your show stopper!


Any arm candy starts with a focal point- the hero piece. And then, just like your favourite superhero movie, add a couple of sidekick bracelets to compliment your look. How to pick your focal point? Choose which piece you’d like to emphasize for the day. It can be your favourite bracelet or something that matches your outfit. Any bracelet with a bold colour or a unique texture works. Something that would stand out like our DOTM Kaleidoscope bracelet or the Hamsa Hand Diamond and Iolite Bracelet.


Play with colour


Adding colour is a quick way to give some visual interest to your stack. Whether you throw in bracelets with gemstones such as emeralds or evil eye accessories for good vibes, keeping your overall look in mind when adding pops of colour is important! Go for a colour family to create an interesting monochromatic look or something that goes with the rest. Avoid clashing accents.



Mix Metals


“Personally, I LOVE stacking mixed metal bracelets or bangles. I love the mix of colours on the hand. But I have also learned that mixing gold and silver, and wearing them regularly, or on an everyday basis, changes the colour of the metal. So it’s a good idea to separate the jewellery once in a while!”  - Reann Moradian, Celebrity stylist at the Wardrobist Consultancy.

Mixing your metals is not a sin when done right! It’s all about your personal style and preferences. We would recommend playing with metals by opting for a combination of pieces in 18 kt yellow, rose and white gold. This will spice up your bracelet stack and give it some dimension. Wondering where to get some perfectly stackable pieces in rose and white gold? At STAC, you have the option of ordering any of your pieces in yellow, rose, or white Gold.
While you can mix tones together, ensure to restrict the mixing to two colours. To begin with, start experimenting with two metals and have fun while you are at it.


Try Varying widths


Bracelets and bangles of various widths will add variety to your arrangement. However, you need to be a little strategic with this approach - Avoid the heavy look on your wrist by going for only one or two chunky pieces. An easy way to try varying sizes is to keep in mind the ratio of 1 thick bangle or cuff to 2-3 dainty bracelets. 
“The biggest stacking faux pas would be overdoing it with different sizes of bracelets that don’t compliment your wrist - keep it simple!”  Meagan Concessio, Stylist to celebrities like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Kareena Kapoor and Tara Sutaria.


Don’t forget to sign it off with a personalised charm or bracelet!


Finish up by adding a personalised piece to your STAC. It can be a watch charm or a bracelet with your initials. On days when you want to add a touch of culture, try out our Akshar Bracelets. Though inspired by ethnic fonts, they are contemporary enough to be worn every day. 
Adding a zodiac inspired charm or a charm with a message close to your heart will add that extra intricate little detail to your stack and truly make it yours!


How to stack bracelets with a watch


“Balance is the keyword, when it comes to stacking, be careful not to overdo it. While stacking with a watch, go minimal or maximal depending on the overall look, but ensure to balance your whole outfit out.” - Aastha Sharma, Celebrity, Web Series, Wedding & Fashion Stylist, Producer.


A watch can definitely act as your anchor piece. Bracelets can amp up your ordinary watch for any occasion. Choose a metallic watch or one with a bracelet-style band to blend it with the other accessories. You can also try adding a watch charm to give your look more dimension and detail while keeping it simple.


While stacking bracelets with an apple watch, you can add dainty bracelets like the Bar One Liner Diamond Bracelet with one or two chunky ones like the Marquise Evil Eye with Dangling Diamonds Bracelet to highlight your watch. 


Find your bracelet size


Start with measuring the circumference of your wrist. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can use a ribbon to wrap around your wrist and then lay it flat to measure the length with a scale. Some people like the bracelets stacked at the base, while others like a snug fit. You can wear a smaller bracelet if you don’t like all of them hanging loose on your wrist.
Shake test - Wear your bracelets and shake your hands to see if they fall off. If they don’t and they feel secure, you are ready for action!


How many bracelets are too many


It’s tough to define a number but DO NOT throw on every bracelet you own. Consider your overall look when you are stacking bracelets, rings, or necklaces. If you are going bold on your wrists, tone down the other accessories. Balance your jewellery so it does not take away from the overall look. 


Stacking multiple bracelets - a fad or here to stay?


“I feel it’s always fun to stack jewellery, be it necklaces or bracelets. Just make sure you keep them interesting enough by adding fun charms or just playing with different designs/shapes.”  - Samar Rajput, Jr. Fashion Editor, ELLE India.

Final Verdict:
Stacking jewellery and especially bracelets is definitely here to stay! Perfecting the art of STAC-ing bracelets can take some time and a whole lot of experimentation but also adds a whole lot of fun to dressing up. Once you know how to compliment your pieces and tie them together, you are one step closer to achieving effortless bracelet beauty.


Practice makes perfect, so start STAC-ing today!



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