The Ultimate Guide For Layering Gold Necklaces ✨

Featuring: DOTM Scattered Diamond necklace, Scattered Pearl Necklace, Kaleidoscope necklace.

Love those multiple necklace looks but still can’t seem to get them right? We bring you the ultimate guide to ace this trend like a pro! From lengths to designs to how to wear mixed metals, our layering tips and tricks are here to help you create the perfect necklace stack for every occasion.

Featuring: (L) Name Necklace, Emerald Pear Drop Necklace, (R) Emerald Shape Necklace, Link Up Necklace, Joy Charm.

1. Choose your intended focal point

Choose your focal point depending on the neckline of your outfit, it’s like a frame for your necklaces. A long chain with a pendant will bring the attention lower down or a dainty choker length will keep the focus around your collar bone.
For example: Turtlenecks or high necklines like t-shirts call for long layers over your top. But for a deep neckline, you have more canvas where you can start right at the base of your neck with something minimal like a Mini Round Evil Eye necklace and add layers as long as you wish.
Alternatively, you can always just choose your favourite piece and work around that. It’s great to create a beautiful layered look, but if your favourite piece isn’t a part of the party, then that’s no fun at all!

Featuring: (L) Scattered Pearl Necklace, Evil Eye Clover with Diamond Necklace, (R) Emerald Dot Necklace, Rose Cut Necklace, Evil Eye Mini Marquise Necklace

2. Use pops of colour for that added quirk!
Adding colour is a quick way to give some visual interest to your stack. Throw in necklaces with gemstones such as Emeralds, Pearls or Evil Eye stones for good vibes!
Always remember to keep your overall look in mind when adding pops of colour. Your necklaces should always compliment the colour and pattern of your outfit. Go for a colour family to create an interesting monochromatic look or something that goes with the rest. Avoid clashing accents.

Featuring: Emerald Dot Necklace, Cirque Necklace

3. Don’t be afraid to mix metals

Mixing your metals is not a sin when done right! It’s all about your personal style and preferences. It is definitely a trending style, and it gives a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ when you mix metals! We would recommend playing with metals by opting for a combination of pieces in 18 kt yellow and rose gold. This will spice up your necklace stack and give it some dimension. Wondering where to get some perfectly stackable pieces in rose and yellow gold? At STAC, you have the option of ordering any of your pieces in yellow or rose gold.
While you can mix tones together, ensure to restrict the mixing to two colours. To begin with, start experimenting with two metals and have fun while you are at it.

4. Types of necklaces you can experiment with

Need a formula that will work no matter what? We found a fail-safe combination! Wear a short necklace, a medium length necklace, and finish it off with a chain and a pendant for the quintessential layered look.

Featuring: (L) Watch Charm Chain, Simple Chain, (R) DOTM Short Diamond Necklace, Link Up Necklace

PRO TIP: Don’t have a long necklace? Use a watch chain instead!
You read that right! Not only do STAC Watch Chains let you add jewellery to your watches but also double up as the perfect chain extender if you want to go the great gold lengths!

How it works:
Attach the clasp of the necklace to the link of the Watch chain. And use the clasp of your Watch chain to link back to the necklace for those magical lengths! At STAC, we have necklaces of varying lengths that allow you to adjust the chosen necklace for your look. They come in 13.5 inches and 15.5 inches with three additional clasps. They can also be lengthened by 1.5 - 2.5 inches with a watch chain depending on the watch chain length you choose. Learn how to measure the right length for you here.

Featuring: (L) Rose Cut Round Necklace, (R) Mini Evil Eye Round Necklace

Short necklaces
These are worn as a close fitting necklaces around the base of the neck. Classic and timeless, short necklaces add a dainty touch to your overall look. They are a perfect start point to stack your necklaces and can make or break a look. We love the DOTM Short Diamond Necklace and our Emerald Dot Necklace as the perfect starters!

Featuring: (L) ThreeSixty One Necklace, (R) Horseshoe Diamond Necklace

Mid length necklaces 
These necklaces will fall just below your collarbone. This length is delicate and flattering on everybody! You can wear it with your office wear or to a party. It will still manage to elevate your look stacked or simply by itself. Some of our favourites include the Horseshoe Diamond Necklace and the DOTM Kaleidoscope Necklace.

Featuring: (L) Simple chain with Hamsa Hand Diamond Charm, Dreamcatcher Charm, Joy Charm, Evil Eye Marquise Charm, (R) Simple chain with Mini Akshar Diamond Charm

Pendant necklaces
A charm or a pendant added to a Simple Chain will easily help you create a focal point among your layered necklaces. Make it meaningful by adding a pendant that has a personal significance to you. It can be a constellation charm or you can add an Akshar Charm to your look to make it yours!

Featuring: (L) Emerald Lariat Necklace, (R) Pearl Circle Lariat Necklace

Lariat Necklaces
Want a little more pizazz?
You can finish off your stack with a lariat necklace instead. A lariat necklace is a long line or chain without a clasp or closure on either end. Each end of the length is often completed with a decorative element such as a drop or tassel, instead. They give you a customizable look that's versatile and universally-flattering and are a match for all your fashion needs!

Pro Tip: Stacking necklaces of varied lengths will also help ensure that you can create a layered look without the necklaces getting tangled.
The devil is in the details! Layering necklaces is daunting at first but remember to have fun while you are at it and break a few rules too! It gives you the best of both worlds where glam meets casual.

Don’t want to bother putting the whole thing together? You can totally opt for pre-layered necklaces like the Double Bar Diamond Necklace to save you the hassle!

A basic tee or an evening gown, don’t be afraid to just experiment. Once you know how to compliment your pieces and tie them together, you are one step closer to achieving effortless necklace beauty!

Practice makes perfect, so start STAC-ing today!


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