How to get #PinterestHands: Three easy ways to style your hands

Love nail art? Take it a notch higher with these three simple nail art-rings combos that will elevate your #PinterestHands game.
Start now and bring your Pinterest board to life.


We’re not gonna lie, we’re guilty of spending hours on Pinterest scrolling through #PinterestHands that are so impractical that we might never get to do them.

But with a little help from our friends at Disguise Cosmetics, we bring you three simple nail art designs and rings combinations that you can work on while you’re coffee brews or your makeup sets - basically under 20 minutes!
Here’s a quick guide on how to get the perfect #PinterestHands

In Frame:  Jewellery : 361 chain ring, classic flat ring, DOTM twisty ring and 361 gap ring

Nail Polish : Lady Bug Red and Flamingo Pink


“I think a little bit of loving nail art is rebellious with the fact that it wasn't allowed in school 😉 this really fuelled my love of pretty fingers, innovative designs and neat jewellery to go along. I'm all for 'letting your fingers do the talking!”
-Desiree Pereira, founder at Disguise Cosmetics

💅🏽 Draw uneven lines using a colour that is bolder than your base coat. Sure, drawing twisty lines in the middle of your nails might not sound artistic, but trust us when we say that it makes for a cute nail art design!
Since the design is minimal, we suggest pairing it with neutral clothes but use STRIKING colours.

💍 Top it off with a bold ring of your choice, add some dainty pieces like a  chain ring to compliment the look. And there you have it, your #PinterestHands for the day!


In Frame :  classic star ring and bar diamond ring, honeycomb rings

Nail Polish: Cherrylicious, Mulberry and Cotton Candy

“I quite like the French manicure variation with the two shades on the bottom.
It's so simple and so chic at the same time!”
-Desiree Pereira, founder at Disguise Cosmetics


💅🏽 While creating the perfect French Tips, you can either choose colours belonging to the same family or go random! Use the sides of the nail polish brush to make small, triangular lines on the top of your nail.

Pro tip: You can choose a clear nail polish as a base and select your colour of choice for the tips!
💍 We highly recommend some diamonds to go with a fresh coat of French Tips. You can add multiple rings - bold or minimal based on the look you are going for.

In Frame : Evil Eye ring, classic star ring, three-sixty one gap ring 

Nail Polish: Pinky Promise and Mulberry

💅🏽 For when it’s almost time to step out of the door, we recommend the all-time favourite "let's paint the ring finger a different colour" trick!

💍 With the nail polish being super simple, STAC it up with the boldest pair in your jewellery box..


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