A Guide to Finding the "Right" One!

Stacking jewellery and especially bracelets are here to stay! Perfecting the art of STAC-ing can take some time and a whole lot of experimentation. But most importantly, finding the right size is essential when you invest in quality pieces that you want to use in a versatile manner. Once you have the right size of jewellery figured out and you know how to compliment your pieces together, you are one step closer to achieving effortless STAC-ing beauty. 

Here is the only Jewellery Sizing Guide you’ll need:

Measuring wrists for bracelets 101: 

  • Using a ribbon, measure your wrist where you would normally wear a bracelet 
  • Mark the meeting point where it overlaps to form a full circle
  • Place the ribbon on a ruler or measuring tape and measure the exact length in inches
  • If you fall in between sizes for e.g. between 5 and 5.5, we recommend going a half size down as you will get 3 additional clasps to wear it looser.

PRO TIP: In case you want to layer your bracelets, they are meant to be styled at different lengths with a snug fit and not tangled up at the end of your wrist. For that, you can measure your arm at different lengths using the same method.

For example, our Bold Akshar Diamond bracelet can be worn closer to the wrist followed by our Filigree Hamsa Hand Bracelet at the snug fit, a little away from the wrist. And lastly, tie it all up with our Infinity bracelet further away from the wrist. 

STAC bracelets are available starting from 5 inches to 8 inches and come in half sizes as well, for e.g. 5.5 inches. Each bracelet comes with an additional 3 links to give you the option to wear it tighter or looser depending on what you prefer while stacking them or wearing them on their own.

If you prefer our minimalist Classic Flat Bangle, wherein the design includes 3 adjustment holes out of which the size you choose for yourself is the size for the middle hole. The other two let your wear it half an inch smaller and half an inch larger while you stack it.

Our Charm ‘C’ Bangle can be worn on its own or you can add some charms, the choice is yours! To get the right fit, in case you know your bangle size which is usually measured in 2, 2.2, 2.4 then you can estimate your charm bangle size - 2.2 - Size 6, 2.4 - 6.5 and so on.

Perfect Necklace length decoded

Just like the right fit of clothing is the basics of a good wardrobe, right necklace lengths can do wonders for your wardrobe! Whether you are looking to layer your necklaces or find the right one for the neckline of your outfit, the right necklace size will make a visible difference to your look. 

How to measure your necklace size: 

  • Pick your most worn necklace or a necklace of the desired length.
  • Now use a ruler to measure its extended length by laying it on a flat surface. 
  • If you don’t have a necklace of your desired length, you can use a string/ribbon to wrap around your neckline.
  • Mark it at your desired length and measure its length.

STAC necklaces have been designed in two different lengths - 13.5 inches to be worn as short necklaces like our Scattered Diamond necklace and 15.5 inches to be worn as long necklaces like our Link Up Necklace. Each comes with five extra links. They allow you to layer two or more necklaces at the adjustable lengths. For a Name necklace, we definitely recommend a shorter length 13.5” so it sits perfectly on its own or stacked with another long necklace. 

PRO TIP: Not only do STAC Watch chains let you add jewellery to your watches! (Pair this chain with any of our charms; clasp it on the strap of your watch and you are good to go!) but also double up as the perfect chain extender if you want to go the great gold lengths! Attach the clasp of the necklace to the link of the Watch chain. And use the clasp of your Watch chain to link back to the necklace!

Find your exact Ring size

Stacking rings can be exceptionally fun if you have the right sizes that fit you on different fingers! 

Measure the size of your finger at the end of the day as they are at their largest size at that time. Do not measure when your hands are cold, your fingers can be at a smaller size than usual!

A wider band like our Classic Flat Ring will feel tighter than a narrower band like our Bar Diamond Ring. When purchasing a wider band, we recommend purchasing a full size larger than your normal size. 

How to measure your ring size: 
  • You will need a ruler and an existing ring that fits you.
  • Use the ruler to measure the inner diameter of the ring as shown in the image below. You may measure in mm or cm.
  • Make sure the ring fits your finger comfortably: It should be snug enough to not fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckles.
  • You now have the inner diameter of your ring, use the following chart to determine your ring size.

If you don't have an existing ring that fits you, please get in touch with us on +9196533963960 or drop us an email on info@stacfinejewellery.com with your contact details and we will get in touch with you

Until then, keep STAC-ing!


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