Evil Eye Jewellery : Style charms, necklaces and bracelets that bring in good luck!

According to Greek culture, an evil eye is a curse, a glare by those who are envious of you. Wearing an evil eye on you as wards off evil, offering you a sense of reassurance and keeping you safe from harmful energy. 

“From Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik to Meghan Markle, A-list celebrities are turning to the power of the eye to ward off evil energy.” 
- Elle

Evil eyes can be adorned in many ways, our favourite being jewellery! STAC’s 18KT gold evil eye pieces will not only keep you safe, but will make you look super chic while doing so! To learn more about what goes into STAC’s evil eye jewellery and for fun tips and tricks on how to style an evil eye, keep reading!

Name us a more iconic duo than a mini evil eye and a watch chain? We’ll wait.
A fail proof stack we totally adore, we recommend evil eye charms as your watch accessories. We paired it with a neutral outfit and a constellation charm to make it stand out!

Wear our Clover Diamond bracelet suited and booted, or with nothing at all. You’ll still manage to pull it off. We guarantee you lots of “where did you get that from?” 
Layering it is always fun. We went for some pearls and signed it off with our initials!

In Frame: (L) Hitched Bracelet with Diamonds, Tennis Bracelet

When it's real you can't walk away! EXACTLY how you can't walk away from this 18kt gold Hitched Bracelet! We are talking traditional. But make it fun. 
Our take on the conventional mangalsutra, comes with the protection of a handcrafted filigree hamsa hand and an evil eye. Stack it with some diamonds for an extra dose of luxury!

Dangling. Evil Eye. Ring. with. Diamonds. 
Exactly. How much better can it get? Bonus? They’re a prime stacker. With gold or diamonds, this ring will catch their eyes!

See no evil. Hear no evil. The star of every ear stack, our mini evil eye earrings are a must-have addition to your jewellery box. This little number will take you from lounging around the house to evenings out. 

If you have multiple piercings try layering it with our Shalini Kutti X STAC collection! We still can’t get over it.

In Frame: Hamsa Hand Necklace with Diamond and Rose cut Necklace

Nothing channels those positive vibes more than our Hamsa Hand Diamond Necklace. This evil eye comes in the shape of the sacred hand to double the power!
Style it with a dainty necklace to tell them that you only have eyes for this beauty!
To all you STAC-ing lovers out there, we hope this styling guide gives you some ideas on how to layer your look. Keep experimenting. Reach for the eye! 
Oops! We mean reach for the sky.


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