5 Essentials For Every Day Sustainable Living (ft. ROOT7)

Interested in shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle?
You’re not alone. About 70% of Indian citizens are worried about the state of nature and over 90% feel that they should do more to protect it.

The best way to build a habit is to start small. As a part of our collaboration with ROOT7, we found the best eco-friendly essentials for you to include in your daily routine.

Whether it's swapping out single-use products for reusable ones, shopping smart, or recycling your food waste, here are the best eco-friendly everyday products for you!

1. Reusable Drinkware



Not only will carrying a reusable water bottle make you drink more water, but it’s also insulated and way better for the environment! Root7’s water bottles are also durable, convenient to carry around and come in several cute designs that a plastic bottle just can’t compete with.

Need your caffeine kick daily? Ditch single-use coffee cups and opt for a travel mug! Not only does it save on money and waste, but if you have a cool travel cup, your coffee will stay hotter way longer.

2.Quality over quantity


How many of us have fast fashion jewellery that we never wear, yet somehow feel the urge to buy more? Jewellery made of cheaper materials will eventually deteriorate, tarnish, and be thrown out!

Buying everyday fine jewellery crafted in 18KT gold and diamonds means it’s durable, lasts forever, and can be shared and passed on to loved ones for years to come.

3.Reusable grocery bags/shopping totes


Bring your own bag when you go shopping. Instead of paying to buy a bag on the spot, take a reusable shopping bag.

They’re budget-friendly, more durable than paper grocery bags, and hold more. You’ll thank us when you have to walk up flights of stairs with your weekly groceries! 

4. Go for plastic-free personal care




With billions of plastic bottles being disposed of around the world every year just from shampoo & conditioner alone, things like environmentally-conscious packaging are so important!

Opt for shampoo bars and soap instead of shower gel to cut back on single-use plastic; switch to a bamboo toothbrush, or swap your regular toilet roll for a brand made from recycled fibers.


5. It’s cool to compost


Who said composting is just for people with big gardens? Begin your composting journey with mini kitchen compost pails that let you turn food waste into nutrient-filled soil.

If you’re reading this article, you’re already making a difference! Sustainability is a lifestyle, and it’s important to show up and keep trying every day. Your little changes can make a big difference.

Until next time, 

Keep STACing!


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