Behind The STAC- The Revamped Classic Cuff Bangle

The Original
Rewind to 2018, and we’re launching one of our first ever pieces, The Classic Flat Bangle.
A simple bracelet that could be dressed up or down, it represented the vision of STAC as a brand. It conveyed the feeling of everyday luxury we wanted to give our audience.


Then came a little twist

And you all fell in love! The Classic Flat Bangle was soon a jewellery staple, finding its place in your everyday wardrobe. It was so well received, that we couldn’t help but make another version, The Classic Star Bangle.


All good things come to an end

After four years, several new collections, and too many golden moments to count, we wanted to give an old favourite a makeover.
We noted all your suggestions on how we could make our Classic Bangle even better, and ran back to the drawing board.


Only to come back!

After days of designing, redesigning, and a lot of coffee, we were ready with our new and improved Classic Cuff Bangle. We’re so excited to share it with you guys!

With a thicker 18KT gold band, a choice between a shiny or matte finish, and an adjustable opening, The Classic Cuff Bangle is ready to take its place in every wrist stack.



Featuring: The Classic Cuff Bangle


The very definition of everyday jewellery, our Classic Cuff Bangle can be dressed up by layering other bracelets around it, or glow solo!

We hope you enjoy our newest (re)launch, an ode to how far we’ve come.


Until next time, 

Keep STACing!


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