Celebrate Diwali 2020

Beautiful decorations, sparkling interiors, an unlimited supply of desserts, the constant chatter and laughter in the background - things that pretty much sum up the end of the year for most of us. Since this year is all about doing things differently, we bring you a quick guide on celebrating the festive season from a distance, but the same spirits!
So don’t let the lockdown bring down the festive joy!

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Miss spending time with friends and family in the living room? Switch to Facetime or Zoom for a full virtual bash.
Miss exchanging the kaju kaltlis and gulab jamuns? Send them a scrumptious arrangement of desserts in a beautiful hamper.

5 ways to ace your Virtual Diwali celebrations

Buying Emerald Rings for Dhanteras

1. Virtual Dhanteras

In order to prep for this festive season, you can wishlist and pre-order your shopping lists and gifts online. Especially this Dhanteras, when stepping out is not advised, you can look for authentic and certified gold jewellery online. Wishlist your favourite pieces in advance so that you can quickly order them on Dhanteras without any hassle.

To make this process even easier, sign up for a Virtual appointment with your favourite jeweller and get the experience of offline shopping, online! STAC offers you a video chat with the founders for help with sizing, styling and to see your favourite 18kt gold and diamond pieces up close all in the comfort of your own home! BEST PART? It’s a party! You can invite your family and friends to help you choose your favourite pieces! Because shopping is always better with friends!

18kt solid gold bracelets for Diwali

2. Online Celebration Ideas

While the new virtual celebrations don’t compare to the real thing, the internet has blessed us with abundant apps to connect, party and celebrate with our family and friends from a distance. Organise a Zoom call to spend time with your entire family (as long as they are under 100 people)! You can also think of fun themes, Antakshari and other games to play together after all the catching up! 

Well, this Diwali we are all going to miss the Taash parties! Host an online version that allows multiplayer options! No. This pandemic won’t stop us from enjoying our taash parties. You can also make it all fancy with an e-invite and some easy cocktail recipes.

Deny it all you want. We know you secretly love a good karaoke session with your friends. We found something for you: Yokee - That lets you choose from an endless catalogue! Sing and watch your friends sing! The worse the singer, the better the time! 

For a relaxing slumber party after the festivities, we highly recommend slipping into your PJs and enjoying a Netflix party together. Here’s how you can do it virtually.

Gold Necklace Stac for Diwali

3. All about the ZOOM friendly looks

This year’s theme party? Camera friendly!
We help you put together looks and outfits to make you look your best through the screen.

The key focus should be on your neckline and shoulders. Try one of the following options:
  1. Sport a boat neckline paired up with our short Necklaces during the cousins’ reunion!
  2. Opt for a heavily embroidered neckline paired up with blingy earrings for the virtual family dinner.
  3. Emphasize your shoulders with empowered sleeves and a deep neckline. Pair the same with our Lariat Necklaces.
  4. Add that wow factor with a hand-embroidered dupatta paired up with our jacket earrings.
  5. Flaunt puffy sleeves with STAC’d bracelets while enjoying the Karaoke session!

    Pearl Necklace for Diwali

    Ace the camera-friendly makeup look with these tips: 
    1. Prep your skin by giving it a nice massage with your favourite moisturizer.
    2. Apply an illuminating base with optical blurring particles.
    3. Don’t shy away from using glitters and shimmers for the eye. Sport this versatile festive eye look.
    4. Fill the brows in feather-like strokes.
    5. Apply a bright lip colour and a voluminous mascara. 
    6. Feel free to spritz on your favourite perfume to set the vibe.

    Evil Eye Gold Watch Charm

    4. Gifting guide

    Let’s admit it. Gifting can be daunting, even when stepping out is not such a challenge, with this situation picking a gift can be even more challenging! But luckily, most of our favourite brands are now available online! While delicious goodies are everyone’s go-to gift, you always want to reserve something more precious for the special ones in your life. If you’ve been looking around for a special gift, then look no further than the gift of gold!

    Gifting gold has never been easier with affordable STAC jewellery in 18 kt gold that you can wear every day! 

    Choose from a range of dainty jewellery charms made in 18kt solid gold all under Rs.10,000. Especially lookout for the in vogue watch chain that everyone’s been talking about. Another great option is gifting evil eye jewellery, which is an age-old symbol of good luck and positivity.   

    Personalized Gold Jewellery

    Looking for something a little more personal? Personalise your gifts with a name or a word that means something special to you. Go one step further and browse STAC’s Naam collection which lets you customise necklaces and bracelets to make a thoughtful present! 

    5.  Home decor (DIYs)

    1. Start with your pooja room since it gets all the attention during the festive rituals. Go all out with brass finish lamps, fresh flowers, and diyas. PRO TIP: You can never go wrong with fresh flowers and garlands decorated through your entire house. 
    2. Switch up your upholstery like your pillows and throws, table runners and carpets with some ethnic prints with hints of gold. 
    3. We love to light up the house with all the candles and diyas we own. It will really brighten up your space and your mood, especially when you have to spend the festivities at home. 
    4. Don't forget to deck up your door with torans. You can also add some trinkets, plants in brass pots and fresh flowers with floating diyas in a copper/brass bowl filled with water at your door. 
    5. After binge-watching some ideas and hacks for your rangoli, get creative and add mirrors, reflective discs under your diyas, and flowers. 
    6. You can also cheer up your family members by indulging them with some DIYs like melting all your candles into small colourful floating candles, paper lanterns, and painting diyas. 

    Emerald Rings for Diwali

    Let’s ensure that the lights and the festive cheer this year are as bright as any other year.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Festive Season! 

    Until next time, keep STAC-ing!


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