5 Tips On Outfits To Wear With Pearls

Pearl jewellery is back, but how to style them is the new question! With the pearlcore movement coming up due to the resurgence of trending period dramas and the vintage fashion movement; Pearls have made their way back into our day-to-day looks, rather than being reserved for special occasions or costumes!


Pinterest referred to this new trend in its 2022 business report after noticing a spike in searches for pearl jewellery and clothing. "In 2022, people of all ages will embrace iridescent accents in their homes, in their jewelry boxes and even as nail art. Pearl-themed parties will be on the rise, too, as people opt for pearly gowns and wedding decor." Pinterest

Read on to find our top tips on outfits to wear with pearls for an array of different occasions so you too can hop on the pearl jewelry bandwagon!


The terms "style," "elegance," and "status" are all used to describe pearls and pearl jewellery. Pearls are one of the world's oldest gemstones with it first being discovered in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess. Natural made pearls were extremely rare to find and harvest, which made owning them a symbol of the rich and well-connected.

Pearls were still considered a status symbol until recently. From Coco Chanel's iconic 1936 portrait with multiple strands of pearls draped over her shoulders to Audrey Hepburn's portrayal of wealthy socialite Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's in 1961, pearl jewellery has unmistakably been linked to luxury fashion.

Pearl jewellery has grown in popularity over time as pearl imitations have improved. Pearls, once reserved for nobility, can now be seen on everyone from Harry Styles to Bella Hadid. Pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets have been popular throughout almost every era of fashion and are the ultimate versatile adornment that can be worn for almost any occasion.




1. Casual Outfits With Pearls

The ultimate minimal outfit, a casual white t-shirt and jeans scream model off duty’ and are simultaneously comfortable and practical! Choose a neutral colour palette when creating an urban-chic look. Wear heels or flats for a look that's the perfect blend of casual and dressy- ideal for daytime.


While pearl jewellery has typically been linked to formal and evening attire, it can also add a touch of luxury to a casual look. 

Glam up a minimal combo of white tee with a Timeless Pearl Necklace, or create the perfect denim with pearls outfit with rings stacked high! The juxtaposition of different materials creates a flawless casual look.

2. Bohemian Chic With Pearls

Pearl jewellery can easily become your summer staple, whether worn alone or layered with other gold pieces. A geometric print dress in bold hues paired with comfortable slide sandals will bring your bohemian style to life. It's perfect for weekend getaways or brunches and puts us in the mood to celebrate!

Our freshwater pearls glisten in the sun and make a not-so-typical beach accessory. For a stroll by the water, we’d style our Scattered Pearl Pieces with simpler gold necklaces to inject fun and movement into the ensemble.

3. Pearls With Traditional Indian Outfits

When we say pearls go with everything, we mean it! Even your Indian lehengas and kurtas can be styled with pearls. For example, our Intertwined Pearl earrings add drama to an otherwise simple Kurti.


Our evil eye and pearl bracelet is popular for the Festive season and can be that one piece of jewellery worn with a heavier Indian look without overpowering it.

4. Pearls For The Office

Whether you’re in a power suit or well-matched separates, you can’t go wrong with minimal, neutral colours for the office. Hit the boardroom in style with a classic combo of a crisp button-down paired with well-tailored trousers and a killer pair of heels.


Let your jewellery be the highlight of the look. For the ultimate sophisticated vibe, go for a dainty strand of pearls like our Timeless Pearl Necklace and pair it with large pearls like our Bold Pearl Bracelets.


5. Glamourous Outfits With Pearls  

Pearls were made for the evening! The glamorous route to wearing pearls knows no bounds. While daytime looks call for pieces that won’t steal the spotlight, the nighttime is all about that!


A classic black dress is a perfect outfit to wear with pearls. Accentuate a deep neckline with a Lariat Pearl Necklace, and keep the theme going with Mini Three Pearl Earrings.

Don’t be afraid to layer up! Our Baroque Pearl Necklace worn with the Timeless Pearl Necklace creates the perfect eye-catching stack for the evening.





1. What can you wear with pearls?

While pearl jewelry and sets were seen as classic, old-school pieces, they’re now making a comeback as a popular everyday accessory! You can easily dress them up or down. Go for a simple strand of pearls to add class to your casual look, or play around with layers and scattered or baroque pearls to add a playful edge to an otherwise formal ensemble.


2. What colours look good with pearls?

Pearls are typically milky white with an iridescent finish and can almost be paired with any colour! So don’t worry, whatever colour you own most probably goes with your pearl jewelry set.

With that being said, the timeless shades of black and white complement pearls the most.


3. How do you wear pearls in 2022?

To avoid looking outdated while rocking pearls, play with pearl shapes and sizes.


You can go for baroque, scattered, extra-large pearls and also layer your pearls with other gold and beaded jewellery pieces to create a young, playful look!



It is impossible to go wrong with styling pearls for your outfits- whether you are wearing a cosy Sunday dress, a business suit, or an evening gown for a special occasion - with their timeless appeal, sophisticated shine and natural, unmatched beauty, pearls are the way to go!

For more on pearls and women’s jewelry, read our blog- PEARLCORE: HOW TO WEAR THE RISING JEWELLERY TREND FOR 2022


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