3 Love Stories that are Pure Gold ✨✨

This Valentine's we are celebrating love and its ways in the times when social media didn’t exist! When love was hush-hushed and faintly heard in the whispers of simple words of care. When it was arranged and when it was found on terraces and glances exchanged between windows. We bring you some golden tales of gestures, words and glimpses that have survived the test of time and will make you fall in love all over again!

A note to cherish
“My husband and I are both lawyers. We met in 1999 at the High Court while we were working on the same case but for opposing parties. One day, right before I was supposed to go before the judge, I found a note in my file. He had slipped it in right before the trial. I was taken a back and in that moment, as I continued to present my case, my heart was racing as fast as it could. We met right after the trial and today it’s been 20 years since. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Flowers which stand the test of time
“One day my dad gave me a small cardboard box that looked really old and worn out. He waited intently to watch me open it. The box had dried flowers, a white twine, and had a faint scent of jasmine. The twine had knots, and it looked like the flowers died slowly and fell out of them. He told me that these flowers are the ones that my mother wore on her wedding day.
Their marriage was arranged, and they only met six months before their wedding. They exchanged very few words back then. He told me how love entered the relationship slowly and it was almost unnoticeable. It’s been 28 years today, and he showed her the box for the first time. She was floored and I could see a sparkling tear in her eye. The flowers are dead but their love still has the imprisoning scent of jasmine.”

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Ever heard a story so beautiful?
“My grandmother passed away in 2020. My grandfather, who still mourns her loss, spends 30 minutes everyday reading excerpts from one of her diaries that she’s maintained over the years. He makes sure he tells us stories about her every day. It’s his way of keeping her alive in his heart and ours.”

We all have been a witness to beautiful love stories, whether it's in our own lives, in our families or friends. They mark our lives with a reassurance that love finds us in most unexpected ways!

STAC Fine Jewellery is here to celebrate each of these moments and little milestones with you.More than just for special occasions, jewellery to celebrate your everyday!
Mark your every day with 18kt solid gold jewellery that will stand the test of time, just like these stories of everlasting love!

Until then, keep STAC-ing!


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