3 Easy Everyday Looks For When You Are Tired Of Dressing Up ✨

As tempting as it sounds to live in pyjamas all day, we have decided to dress up again!

Everyday tasks can be way more fun when paired with your favourite outfit and a dash of gold. Here’s how you can elevate your comfy PJs look with 2X the style!

In Frame: Rose cut necklace, Bold Letter Charm in “K”, Mini Clover Earrings

For days you’re not motivated enough to go to the grocery store but need food to survive, we recommend getting out of your pyjamas and throwing on some athleisure.

Pair your outfit with classic necklaces and statement rings. Don’t forget your shopping bag, you are going to buy veggies after all!

In Frame: Classic Star Ring, Classic Star Bangle


With all parties moving indoors, we know you’re already tired of dressing up and are running out of at-home looks.

When you have plenty of faces to impress, a classic white tee paired with bold jewellery goes a long way.

When you’re picking an outfit for a long road trip, priority #1 is comfort. And adding a bit of bling to your denim essentials is an easy hack, especially when you know you’re stopping for selfies. 

In Frame: Classic Star Ring, Naam Bracelet with Diamonds, Link-up Bracelet

In Frame:  Naam Bracelet with Diamonds, Link-up Bracelet


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