Personalised Jewellery in 18KT Gold - The Journey Bracelet ✨

Introducing The Journey Bracelet

Tell your story through 18KT gold jewellery!

STAC brings you the Journey bracelet - a little reminder of all the moments, people, achievements and lessons that made your journey a #JourneyLikeNoOther.

Handcrafted in 18kt solid gold and vegan leather, the Journey Bracelet is a piece of jewellery that you will always cherish as each charm on the bracelet can be personalised to tell YOUR story. Choose an initial, a special symbol and a memorable date that reminds you of a memory, a person or a milestone!

Read ahead to see how some people made the Journey bracelet their OWN!

Celebrate New Beginnings

Our co-founder, Aakriti, picked ‘M’ after her daughter Mirai. She inscribed the Date charm with 24.05.15, the day she tied the knot with her husband and began a new phase of her life! She says, “It had to be the Moon for me! It symbolises new beginnings, something I always look forward to!”

Celebrate Milestones

"Building a business isn't easy," says Inaya, a young entrepreneur trying to break into the fashion space, "but it keeps getting better!" She has dedicated her Journey Bracelet to this rewarding journey of following her passion - the Letter charm being the first letter of her brand, the Date charm reminding her of the day she took a leap of faith and launched her business and a Heart symbol as a reminder to always follow her heart!

Celebrate Memories

Radhika claims that the Journey Bracelet is her all-time favourite and hasn’t left her wrist since the day she got her hands on it! A symbol of good luck and faith, she personalised her bracelet with the Clover charm. She chose to engrave the Letter charm with her’s and her husband's initials, along with a matching Date charm of their wedding day!

Celebrate Loved Ones

One of our favourites is Malvika’s version of her bracelet!

Malvika picked the Infinity symbol that will always remind her of endless possibilities! She engraved her mom’s initials on the Letter charm. “She is my confidant and my best friend and I want her to be with me at all times!,” she said. For the Date charm, she went with her own birthday. “I am simply grateful for everything I have and everything I am in this very moment!”, she says.

Personalised jewellery always has a nostalgic appeal to it that makes it so much more meaningful. From words that are close to your heart to letters and symbols that only you know the significance of to of course that one piece of jewellery that makes you look back in pride. We offer a range of options to help you choose not just what you personalize but also how.

Immortalize the best moments of your life that mean the most to YOU! We are sure that our Journey bracelet will definitely become one of your favourites - a little memento to remind you of all those beautiful times!

We cannot wait to hear your stories - the ones that inspired you, the ones that made you!

Until then, keep STAC-ing!


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